Your Cleaning Service Specialists

Kandi Kleaners offers Quality Cleaning Service at an affordable Competitive rate.

Providing a thorough and reliable service to individuals and local businesses

Kandi Kleaners is a family owned business providing absolute professionalism in all avenues.

With a strong diverse team we are able to take a step back and observe conditions from a clients point of view being able to quickly identify and remedy any issues or problem areas which in usual cases may not be easy to resolve.

Making the difference

Some view cleaning as a tedious job whereas here at Kandi Kleaners we take pride in each job carried out, starting from the general cleaning of family homes with great appraisal to being quickly recommended to the larger community and local businesses, helping to sustain and keep the enthusiasm within our team

Each team member is highly critical of others work and often compete to see who can provide the cleanest service. Being a family business allows our business culture to flourish,each individual shares the same high standards which allows our level of service to be equally balanced within all jobs carried out.


Kandi Kleaners offers a range of cleaning services to suit all types of clients, this ranges from light to deep domestic cleans for homes and businesses. we have serviced a range of businesses such as working on behalf of estate agents for end of tenancy cleans to working with restaurant retailers to help sustain the cleanliness of their businesses. Our Carpet Cleaning Specialists are on hand to help protect and clean your carpets.

Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals

Each staff member is trained to company standards through different training methods such as trial cleans and role playing scenarios, all new recruits ensue a vigorous performance analysis before,during and after all cleans to reflect this. Upholding standards and maintain high levels of customer service is the cornerstone of our business and each staff member is heavily equipped with hard work ethics and high levels of motivation

Our Mission

Kandi Kleaners aim to show true care to our clients most important assets, by providing a thorough and heartfelt service.

Landline- 0800 002 9984 Mobile- 07957 794 636

20-22 Wenlock Road, Hoxton, London N1 7GU

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Cleaning Service Specialists 




COMPANY No: 10179172